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Initial contact

Initial intakes for new research groups and general information about the HPC facility are handled by Jeroen de Ridder. Please contact him about these topics.

email: J.deRidder-4@umcutrecht.nl | University Medical Center Utrecht - Center for Molecular Medicine | Universiteitsweg 100, STR 1.305 | 3584 CG Utrecht, The Netherlands | 31 (0)88 7550406 |

User questions

If you already are using the HPC facility and have specific questions? We encourage you to send an email to the following general address. Emails will be read by the HPC system administrators. The level of support we can provide is indicated at ConditionsAndSupport.

email: hpc-systems@lists.umcutrecht.nl

HPC team

Jeroen de Ridder coordinator Jeroen de Ridder

<--| Joep de Ligt | coordinator | Joep de Ligt | -->
Martin Marinus Linux administrator  

<--| Bert Jan Goorkate | Linux administrator | Bertjan_cropped.jpg | -->
Rene Janssen Linux administrator rene.jpg
Rene Janssen Linux administrator


HPC, contact

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