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META TOPICPARENT name="SoftwareInstallation"

Howto create your own/group software modules


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  local version = "VERSION"
--local base = "/hpc/local/\$MY_DISTRO/\$MY_GROUP/software/PROGRAM-" .. version local base = "\$HOME/\$MY_DISTRO/software/PROGRAM-" .. version
local base = "/hpc/local/\$MY_DISTRO/\$MY_GROUP/software/PROGRAM-" .. version
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  • In lua lines starting with -- are interpreted as comments
  • "--local base" in this example shows the path in which the program should be installed to make it group accessible. In such case the module file should be written to /hpc/local/$MY_DISTRO/$MY_GROUP/etc/modulefiles/PROGRAM/VERSION.lua
  • The number of environment variables that need to be set (prepend_path lines) to make your program running depends on the needs of your program.
  • If the program of requires another software module (e.g. a particular Java) to be loaded, this can be automated by adding lines like lines like:
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