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Mobaxterm Configuration HPC

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Copy and paste your public-key and mail this to hpc-systems@list.umcutrecht.nl
Copy and paste your public-key and mail this to hpc-systems@lists.umcutrecht.nl

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META TOPICPARENT name="FirstTimeUsers"

Mobaxterm Configuration HPC

To use the HPC you must use a ssh-client.
An example of this software is the Mobaxterm for Windows.(https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/)

To access the HPC from outside the UMC network you have to use the gateway first.
Therefore you have to create a secret and public key combination.

Use these steps to configure the software :

Create a Secret Key

Click on Generate and start moving your mouse in the "No key" field 

Enter a selfmade password called "passphrase" 
and store this password into your digital safe because you need this later on.

*Save you key somewhere on your local filesystem* and don't replace it afterwards because you can not login anymore.

*Copy and paste your public-key and mail this to hpc-systems@list.umcutrecht.nl*

Now create a ssh session

Fill in this form and tab like this
Remote host = hpcs03.op.umcutrecht.nl
Gateway SSH server = hpcgw.op.umcutrecht.nl

Ok and save the session.


-- Rene Janssen - 2020-03-27



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