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New Gateway on hpcgw.op.umcutrecht.nl

We installed a new gateway server in the HPC named hpcgw.op.umcutrecht.nl.
The old server gw.op.umcutrecht.nl will soon be disabled.

To make use of the new gateway server you have to make some changes in your ssh configuration.

  1. In command line mode goto ~/.ssh and edit the config file and change all the gw occurences into hpcgw . So gw.op.umcutrecht.nl becomes hpcgw.op.umcutrecht.nl
  2. if you are using MobaXterm then you have to edit the saved configuration and change gw.op.umcutrecht.nl into hpcgw.op.umcutrecht.nl
  3. if you are using PuttyTerm then edit your saved session and change gw.op.umcutrecht.nl into hpcgw.op.umcutrecht.nl.
  4. check also your FileZilla and CyberDuck sftp configuration .
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