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Welcome to the High-Performance Computing (HPC) wiki


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General information

The HPC cluster currently consists of 32 compute nodes (384 cores, 4TB working memory) and 160TB of HPC storage, and will grow further in the near future. A dedicated Linux administrator and part-time bioinformatician are funded by the research ICT program. In addition, the program subsidizes the HPC storage capacity.

Participating groups. Currently, six research groups from different divisions in the UMC Utrecht are actively using the HPC cluster.

HPC user council. To steer future directions of the HPC infrastructure together with the participating research groups, an HPC user council has been setup. We aim to meet every other month to discuss the usage of the HPC cluster as well as new developments.

How to get involved. Research groups participate by funding the hardware required for their own computational needs. In addition, HPC storage capacity can be rented on a per Terabyte, per year basis.

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