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ObjectMethod setPassword ($login,$newPassU,$oldPassU) -> $boolean


ObjectMethod setPassword ($login,$newPassU,$oldPassU,$mcp) -> $boolean

  If the $oldPassU matches matches the user's password, then it will replace it with $newPassU.
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 If $oldPassU is 1, will force the change irrespective of the existing password, adding the user if necessary.
If $mcp is true, the "must change password" flag is set
 Otherwise returns 1 on success, undef on failure.
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ObjectMethod getMustChangePassword ($cUID) -> $flag

Returns 1 if the $cUID must change the password, else 0. Returns undef if $cUID not found.

ObjectMethod getUserData ($cUID) -> $dataRef

Return a reference to an array of hashes with user data, used to manage users. Each item is a hash with:

  • {name} - name of field, such as "email"
  • {title} - title of field, such as "E-mail"
  • {value} - value of field, such as "jimmy@example.com"
  • {type} - type of field: text, password, checkbox, label
  • {size} - size of field, such as 40
  • {note} - comment note, if any

User management forms can be build dynamically from this data structure. Each password manager may return a different set of fields.

ObjectMethod setUserData ($cUID,$dataRef)

Set the user data of a user. Same array of hashes as getUserData is assumed, although only {name} and {value} are used.

Sub classes should return an empty string if save action is OK, or an error string starting with 'Error: '.


ObjectMethod canFetchUsers () -> boolean

returns true if the fetchUsers method is implemented and can return an iterator of users.

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